"Missions is everything to the Crossroads community. Everything we do is done in an effort to lead people in a growing relationship with Christ. Our hope is to creatively present the love and good news of Jesus Christ using any means possible." 

- Dr. John Mark Robinson


Currently we have organized our missions strategy into four categories based on Acts 1:8. Jerusalem represents our own county and community. We are certainly called not just to reach Canton, but to also minister to all of Van Zandt County. Here at Crossroads we see people from all of our surrounding cities, and we love that they have found a church home with us. We also partner with many local ministries that address different needs in our communities. 


Judea represents the state of Texas for us. Our pastor once said, "The world is coming to Texas." This statement is not one of arrogance but of awareness. We are seeing people from around the world move to our state. These people represent different ethnicities, religions, traditions, and cultural norms. Our heart is to see many native born Texans along with many newcomers find faith in Christ. Through many ministry partnerships, and state wide efforts such as disaster relief and opportunities in prison ministry we will continue to be sensitive to the Lord's leading in how to minister to the people of this great state.


We love our town, county, and state, but we also love our country and all of North America. Foreign missions are essential! However, we understand that so much of our country remains unaware of the reality of the love of God. Through nation wide trips and vital partnerships with organizations such as N.A.M.B. we seek to follow the will of God in reaching North America!


We love Canton. We love our County. We love our State. We love our Country. We love all of North America. WE LOVE THE WORLD! From the testimony of the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20 we understand "all nations" to literally mean "all nations". We seek to send and be sent around the world for the sake of the gospel.

We support missionaries in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. We support foreign missions through the missionaries that have been sent out from among us. Crossroads believes and supports the vision of the International Mission Board and the support they provide for our missionaries. We also believe in sending church members to areas around the world such as Southeast Asia, Canada, the Philippines, and Latvia just to name a few. Here at Crossroads we want to follow the Lord where He leads us regardless of where that may be.