Why We Believe in LifeGroups

The purpose of LifeGroups at Crossroads is to provide opportunity for Biblical fellowship, Bible study, and prayer that God requires of His people. God requires us not to live in isolation from our Church family, but to constantly be there for each other, to build each other up, and to help one another grow spiritually. Remember this: you and I can only be loved as much as we are known. To know and love one another and serve together the way God desires and requires, we have to get together for His purposes. Sunday large-group gatherings are important, but the strength and unity of our church grows and happens mostly in small groups, and here these are called LifeGroups.

When you rejoice at what God is doing in your life, your LifeGroup will be there with you. When you cry out in brokenness as life falls apart, your LifeGroup is there, too. The more a church grows as God desires, the more its members must work to stay connected like this. If you are like me, you might have heard friends and family say, "I go to my church because it isn't too big and feels like home". Feeling like home is a great thing, but is no reason for a church not to grow. In fact, the more loving and serving a church is, the more it should grow! How can we stay connected to each other to continue growing, loving, and serving the way God wants? Small groups, here called LifeGroups.

To really know and love each other - and be known and loved the way God desires, we must connect often and meaningfully with other Christians in prayer, Bible study, and Biblical fellowship. In fact, our leaders will repeatedly remind us that if you cannot connect with a LifeGroup here or help start one that works for you, please find church where you can! It is that important! Truth be told, statistics - our own included - show that those who do not meaningfully connect to other Christians in a small group tend to stop attending here within two to three years, anyway. To connect with one of the major support structures God gives you - as well as to be that support for others who need it, please seriously consider joining a small group! We hope that yours will be here at Crossroads. Respond to His leadership and connect with a LifeGroup today.

On Campus Groups

Our church offers several lifegroups on Sunday mornings. These on campus groups go through a study entitled The Gospel Project. We use this curriculum for every age group on Sunday mornings. This provides the unique opportunity for the whole family to study the same content each week and discuss it in the home.

LifeGroups meet on and off campus. For those who seek a traditional Sunday School-type meeting, the Sunday morning LifeGroups are best suited to their needs. There are currently five adult LifeGroups that meet on campus on Sunday mornings:

  • #Parents (35-45) - 9:30 am Sundays, Portable 1 - Leader Chet Clayton
  • R.O.O.T.S. (45-55) - 9:30 am Sundays, Gym - Leaders David & Amanda Hillman
  • Sharff (55-65) - 9:30 am Sundays, Gym - Leaders Dan & Julie Sharff
  • Open Door (65+) - 9:30 am Sundays, Gym - Leader Michael Miles
  • Women's (All Ages)- 9:30 am Sundays, Gym - Leaders Deborah Caffey & Betty Pottorf

Weekday Groups

We also offer what we refer to as Off Campus LifeGroups. We understand that schedules are busy, so you may benefit from joining one of our open off campus groups that meets during the week. For more information about any available groups please contact Taylor Robinson by calling the church office at 903-567-0800.

There are currently nine open LifeGroups outside of the Sunday morning context. Childcare is provided for LifeGroups that meet on Tuesday & Thursday evenings on the Crossroads Campus.  Here is a list of our open LifeGroups that meet on weekdays:

  • Next Step (Post High School - 30) - Sunday, 7:00 pm, Sanctuary - Katelyn Eaton & Logan Moore
  • Bible Journaling (Women) - Monday, 6:00 pm, Blue Room - Leader Cyndi Smith
  • Women's (Adults) - Monday, 9:30 am & 7:30 pm - Leader Rebecca Robinson
  • Men's (Adults) - Monday, 6:30 pm, Gym - Leader Ryan Tamura
  • J.O.Y. (65+) - Mondays, 6:00 pm - Crossroads Campus, Gym - Leader Maurice Fritz
  • S.O.U.L. (55+) - Tuesdays, 6:30 pm - Crossroads Campus, Sanctuary - Leader Ed Killion
  • TNT (55+) - Tuesdays, 6:30 pm - Varied homes and locations - Leader Ron Crumpler
  • The Misfits (20+) - Thursdays, 6:30 pm - Crossroads Campus, Gym - Leader Larry Rosemond
  • Crossriders (Motorcycle enthusiasts) - Thursday, 6:00 pm, Portable 2 - Leader Michael Miller