We believe that we are called to bring the gospel to the world. We have many church members that travel to different parts of the world to share their faith, however we believed that an intentional partnership with a church plant in a foreign country would be of great use to the spread of the gospel. We feel that God has chosen Southwinds Church in the Mahogany community in Alberta Canada to be that partner. 

Calgary, Alberta’s reputation precedes itself as Canada’s oil-rich city rising along the Bow River and into the Canadian Rockies. Business, skiing, tourism and ranch lands tend to define this area in the world’s mind. But there’s another side to Stampede City. Only 5.2 percent of its 1.4 million inhabitants claim to believe in Jesus Christ. And with only one Canadian National Baptist (CNBC) church for every 44,586 people, there’s a long way to go in reaching this city. 

Crossroads has locked arms with Brett and Kristin Myers as they lead a faithful, exciting, and young church to impact their community. This summer we are embarking on our first of several trips to Calgary. We will be helping put on a basketball camp in their community and sharing the gospel with all the families involved. Please pray for us as we seek to see the lost of Calgary come to faith in Christ!